Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, I'm back from TNNA, and what an experience it was - 2.5 days of networking and yarn - my brain was about ready to explode on Sunday when I left, and the market still had another full day to go!

First, lets have a look at the traveling sock, shall we? I opted to cast on for Pure Cricosaura, a lovely pattern by my blogless friend Erika (originally designed for a Yarntini Sock Club).

Here you can catch the detailed shot of the stitches - it's working up very nicely. Of course, it's one of my own yarns (Sidhe, limited edition colorway, if you are wondering) on US1s. At this point, I have this much sock done, and I'm about ready to head into the gussets :) Not bad for a few days of knitting.

Anyhow, back to the trip report, right? Things started out fairly normally on Friday, which was pretty much a networking and planning day - I met Kris and Jessica and several other retailers at the retailers luncheon where we got to listen to a wonderful talk by Stephanie. During my "down" time, I also had a chance to eyeball new yarns and other new products that were planned to debut at the show. After wandering around a bit, and meeting up with my roomie for the weekend, Anne, things quickly spiraled into a surreal experience.

While awaiting the evening's festivities, it seems I manged to stumble into the knitterati, and they appeared to tolerate me as a token Plebian in their midst ;). There was the Ravelry 3: Jess, Casey, and Mary-Heather, the Knitty 2: Amy and Jillian, Annie Modesitt, the already mentioned Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Amanda from Lorna's Laces, Franklin, Janel Laidman (she has a new sock book out!), Abby Franquemont (spinner extraordinaire), and I even met Norah Gaughan! As the evening progressed more and more knitters took over the lounge space of the Hyatt - I had a chance to talk knitting late into the night with knitting folks from all over the country. It's a wonder my brain didn't explode just with all that stimulation!

Saturday was the first day of the Market, and I am pleased to say I managed to walk the entire floor, and still have enough brain power to properly socialize throughout the day and well into the night - of course, I didn't have a camera, but there were a lot of photos being taken - If you happen to spot any that have a woman in a Spritely Goods shirt on in them, that would be me. Honestly, between the yarn and the "famous" knitters all around, my brain was having a hard time processing by the next day! Luckily, all I had to do was place an order or two, while saving the rest for figuring out once I'm home.

While I can certainly say there is some nice yarn due to come in, I'm still making decisions on yet more yarn and the possibility of bringing in some needles and/or other accessories. I even picked up some needles so I could do some proper evaluation before ordering for the shop - see?

Having been to various tradeshows before, I had a feeling I'd be a bit overwhelmed with product - but its fair to say I completely underestimated the people and networking aspect of this particular tradeshow. Maybe I was just lucky, but everyone was very welcoming and friendly. It was great to put faces to names/blogs/ravatars/companies. It was fantastic to be able to talk knitting and yarn and not have people looking at the group funnily (well, there were a few, but they were in the minority, since the knitters had taken over the place for the weekend!) It was exciting. It was amazing. It was tremendously energizing. I relished every moment and hope to do it again next year...Now then, if I could just do something about this day job ;)


Abby said...

I used Hiya Hiya circs for the Big Bad Baby Blanket I just finished. They are a fine substitute for Addi Turbos. Have fun with yours!

Anonymous said...

holy cow! You are my superhero! That sounds like it was a rockin weekend

eva said...

I thought Franklin's post today was really sweet - and you are featured in the post, BTW.

I think I like the Chiagoo DPNs... ask me when I'm finished with Artichoke Sock number 2. I should be finished sometime this century. :)

Oiyi said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! And you got a lot of great goodies.