Friday, January 16, 2009


Meet Frolic - a lovely Rowan design by Kim Hargreaves (from Rowan 29). She's endless 2x2 ribbing with a wee bit of shaping thrown in to make you realize you are indeed making *some* small bit of progress.

Thank goodness for Ravelry - apparently, I've had this project on my needles since October 2007. Without Ravelry, I probably would have forgotten what size I'm knitting! I'm knitting out of a very lovely shade of old-school Southwest Trading Co Bamboo from the stash. The knitting is probably taking forever since this has been designated my "carry around" knitting, and I generally only knit a row or two (or four if I'm lucky) every week or so (I carry different knitting when I go out specifically to knit). The good news is even at the snail-like pace I'm going on this project, I'm nearly to the underarms and should be able to finish it off to wear once things start heating up again down here!

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