Monday, January 14, 2008


RIP Bayerische
Cast On: October 2007
Frogged: January 2008

I had such high hopes for these socks - the mind is nimble and willing, the yarn is fantastic, the body - or rather the hands and forearms - simply isn't up for the challenge - knitting even one row of twisted cabled loveliness was causing problems. Rather than let these socks linger on and perhaps never be finished, I've frogged them - this yarn will become a pair of Firestarters instead - I think the colorway is wonderfully suited :D Not only that, but they will be perfect for Project Spectrum 2008 - this year the focus will be broken into elements, with the first grouping for February and March being focused on FIRE!

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Anonymous said...

bummer dude! I was beaten by those socks too. I might try again in a larger gage for a Christmas stocking....someday. Once I am over the trauma.