Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the Unexpected.

One does not go to an Outdoor Industry Tradeshow and expect to discuss wool. Or socks. At great length.

At least I certainly didn't. But there it is. The knitter and spinner in me has truly broken out :) In addition to ogling climbing gear (hello, DMM V-Twin!), packs (hooray for the new Gregory suspension design!), sleeping bags (that's a mighty sexy Valandre...), footwear (Kamik has some gorgeous brightly colored galoshes) and stoves with enough BTUs to keep any pyro pleased (of particular note is the Reactor by MSR), I got to talk wool and socks with lots of companies.

Teko and Fox River are both introducing Ingeo fiber socks - they are both very silky and surprisingly breathable and wicking. Everyone these days seem to be talking up superfine merino as if it was the finest performance fiber out there ;) One company (x-socks) has some rather engineered looking socks - and another (Injinji) has some lovely socks that has socks for each of your individual toes :D

I hate to admit it, gear head that I am, I was the most pleased with a gift I received from Ibex - a small bundle of 17.5 micron merino wool roving. :) It's sitting on my desk, waiting patiently for me to spin it, then dye it, and knit it up into something luscious.

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Bonnie said...

I can't wait to the merino spun and dyed. I really love your colorways.