Friday, August 11, 2006

Pouches are good.

Mmm. Mmm. I do love me small pouches. I don't know why - I simply seem to adore small bags and pouches. Back when I got SpritelyGoods launched, I wanted to get myself a little non-food related reward. What better way to celebrate than with a small project pouch from Piddleloop?

I couldn't possibly resist this one, with fabric that complements my handpainted yarn so nicely :) I'm going to have to be careful or I'm going to wind up with a whole mess of small project pouches to color coordinate with my yarn LOL.

Jen and Wendy at Piddleloop are the best - and their sewing rocks! Check out the adorably matching tissue pouch - and while you're browsing, have a look at their stationary - the knitting sheepie is just adorable!

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