Monday, August 14, 2006

A zig here, a zag there...

At long last, these socks are done!

My third pair of hand knit socks - these took much longer than expected, mostly because I kept getting distracted. Good thing I have a habit of knitting both pair of socks at the same time, or I fear I'd be stuck with just one!

These socks have seen me launch Spritely Goods - first as a blog shop, then growing it to have product at Tempe Yarn & Fiber and Pure Knits...and then to my own ecommerce site.

These socks have also seen Stephanie - the Yarn Harlot. They have traveled all over Arizona, they've been up to Oregon, they have passed by the four corners monument - and they've been on the Continental Divide! Not too shabby for a pair of socks ;)

Read here for more info on the yarn and pattern used.


Marianne said...

Yay for socks! That colorway worked REALLY well with the pattern.

Devorah said...

Congratulations on finishing them. You will have great memories to share every time some one compliments them.