Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Suggestions Please

I appear to be ahead of the game this year and am actually working on my holiday projects thanks to Tempe Yarn and Fiber's Stress Busters club. I've actually finished one official holiday project, 1 UFO and 1 baby gift since the stress busters kickoff.

Next targeted item is a handknit scarf/shawl/wrap made from handspun yarn. I did the spinning this weekend after I finished a minor marathon of stranded knitting...

I have ~300 yards of sport/dk weight single ply handspun in Verbena that I'd like to convert into a scarf/shawl/wrap thing. Yes, I realize 300 yards isn't that much. The good news is if I run out, I can spin more. The final destination for this gift will be an urban location that actually sees winter climates. I have thought of doing a skinny Clapotis...but I have resisted jumping on the Clapotis bandwagon for so long - and it would be a *skinny* Clapotis unless I want to get right back on the wheel right now and spin up more yarn. I thought of turning it into a dayflower lace scarf...but for all I love to knit lace, I have a serious love hate relationship with blocking. Then I thought some sort of broken rib pattern....or just cast on and see what comes off the needles, but I figured that might just be asking for trouble.

So...any of you have suggestions? I'd be happy to hear them! I'm planning on winding the yarn into a ball tonight assuming the skein is dry...then hopefully I can show you all how beautiful the yarn is :) (yes, here we are with yet *another* pictureless post*)

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CowGirlKnits said...


If your recipient lives in a wintry clime, its probably a good bet they already have warm items to combat the effects of wintry-ness, so my vote would be for something pretty that the person can wear with their coat/etc. Go for the lace, blocking (And I share your adverse reaction to that particular chore) or instead of the Clapotis, a ladder shawl/scarf which you can add onto with more spinning, or whatnot more easily.