Friday, April 21, 2006

Mmmmm Cookies...

Sometimes I simply luck out in stumbling across books - I don't own this one, but I saw that someone had purchased it via one of my "In association with Amazon" Links - and of course, with a title like BigFatCookies, how could any self respecting cookie-holic resist a peek??

Unfortunately for me, my latest Amazon order is already full-up and this one will have to go onto the wishlist.

In other cookie news, if you've run out of frozen cookie dough to pop into the oven or you're trying to not eat cookies that have a bazillion calories inside, I recommend Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Chunk with Almond Cookies - they are small in size, but big on flavor, yet kind to the waistline - munch three for 140 calories :D


Jenny said...

ever since that martha stewart holiday cookie issue a few years ago, I have some cookie cookbooks. Those cupcake books are what are getting to me. They're everywhere! If you need anything to tide you over, let me know. Cookbooks was my obsession before knitting.

YarnB said...

I somehow missed this big fat cookies post and all of a sudden I feel this overpowering urge to forget the diet and go buy a bag of some chocolate chip cookies or double oreo cookies and ice cream!!