Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mmmm. Crispy Goodness.

Yum. Normally, I'm all for full fat food, but only in moderation - mostly because I can rarely find a suitable low fat substitute. I do tweak my fair share of recipes, but often I'm hunting for snacks that fill my snacking needs between meals...and quite frankly, there are times when fruits and veggies just don't cut it.

I stumbled across these at the grocery store the other day, and unlike most baked chips, these are actual slices of potato! They're fantastic - and they come in three flavors! Hooray!


amy said...

oh thanks for sharing, i am gonna look for those the next time i go to the grocery store.

eva said...

Do they use any oil? If so, what kind?

I don't eat potato chips any more because they always list "corn and/or [other oil here]" in the ingredients list. Supposedly corn oil is safe for corn allergy sufferers because it probably doesn't contain the proteins, but I'm not testing the theory.