Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I did complete that spinning...

If you don't read my finished objects blog, I did indeed finish that five ply that the cats were so entranced with :) A photo is over here (scroll to the bottom of the entry)...and you can make it your own over here!

In other news, I'll be doing a carding demo at Tempe Yarn and Fiber in about a week - hopefully whatever bug I'm currently battling will leave me alone by then. I've got a box of mill end rovings in that need to be carded - I've gotten dreadfully spoiled since I have been spinning primarily from batts these days - no predrafting required :)

Since I can't concentrate on knitting anything other than stockinette stitch and I'm not energetic enough to tackle that box o wool, so I've picked back up the kitty pi bed and finished the knitting portion (hooray, stockinette!).

The cats seem to like it just fine the way it is:

Unfortunately they like it enough to kick each other out of it...See Troy in the background?

And here he is looking innocent - but note the flicking tail! He's just forced his sister out so he can have his turn in the kitty bed!

Luckily I have more of this wool, and I'll be making catbed #2 so they can each have their own - once they are both knitted up, I'll be pitching them in the wash for felting.

Meanwhile, the poor husband is asking after his hat....

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