Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I *do* still knit...

I do, indeed, still knit...I just get preoccupied with the spinning sometimes ;)

To my husbands delight (or perhaps dismay due to the timing) I finally finished this second pirate hat...more photos and details are available for your reading pleasure here.

This one actually fits an adult, unlike the first - unfortunately it flares out a little bit much on the bottom...I'm now trying to figure out how to fix that, and the only thing coming to mind is to sew some elastic in to make sure that it keeps ears warm when worn. Either that or I can knit *another* hat that is plain stockinette on the top and have a scull themed brim that folds up on the *outside*. Oy. All I wanted to do was knit something nice for my husband!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Some elastic thread woven through a few rows should do it. I've had good luck with doing that to cinch up loose stuff.