Monday, April 10, 2006

Curious about Carding?

Well, if you're local, you're lucky - because you can come and ask me questions to your heart's content. Me and my drum carder will be at Tempe Yarn and Fiber this Wednesday evening. Come say hello and meet me in person :P


YarnB said...

I wish I could be there. I hope you can schedule another one so I can see how you do those delectable and delicious looking batts. I stayed up last night spinning one. I can't stop!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

I hope you have fun. I'll be at a meetup on my side of the 101, but I hope to see you soon.

Terry said...

Your demo was wonderful!!! Everyone enjoyed it and I can't thank you enough for going to all the work of bringing your drum carder to the store and showing us how it works. Those odd left over scraps of fiber you made into batts imediately came to life with sparks of color. The batts standing alone were special!!! AND OH we divided up the batts for sample spinning and the yarn started appearing on all the wheels ......WOW!!!

GREAT WORK & THANKS AGAIN. I am certainly inspired to sit down at my wheel and spin up your Spritely Batts!

Can't wait to see what comes off the drum carder next!!!