Sunday, April 16, 2006

Loving the Single Life

I'm partial to plied yarns, I admit it - at least in my own handspun. Though sadly, it takes so much more time to make a plied yarn than it does to make a single - especially if I'm plying handspun with more handspun! I'm trying to teach myself to love singles as well as slubs...I'm slowly getting there...

see? These are all spun from Mill End fibers - from the Brown Sheep Mill no less...The mill ends (because they *are* mill ends) vary in quality - with some drafting easily straight from the bag and others requiring considerable amounts of fiber preparation. Color range is also very limited, though the Sheep Shed Studio (the place that carries the Mill Ends) has recently started carrying first quality rovings from Brown Sheep in limited quantities, so if color is a must and you want to spin your own Burly Spun, now you can :)

In case you're wondering, these yarns aren't named after the desert - they were actually inspired by food. While the desert is a very colorful place, some of my yarns are inspired more by dessert ;) have a look over here to see what inspired this batch, and also to see them in their unskeined glory.

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YarnB said...

I like plied yarns so much better. For knitting, don't they have to be? I got the mill ends but only in white (undyed). I forgot they have all the colors...Good to hear your feedback on them......thanks. I like your color combos! FOOD IS GOOD!