Tuesday, December 07, 2004


like a weight lifted off my shoulders. You know how that goes? Running around like a crazed woman with everything ready to pop apart...and then you start getting things shoveled off, and things start calming down and falling into place. And thank goodness, not a moment too soon! We all need a calm space in our lives, especially this time of year!

The last few days have been positively frantic. I've not been sleeping, so I knit at night - which is all fine and good for my knitting...and I guess it does something for my piece of mind...but it's not helping me accomplish those items that I've been frazzled about all day.

Things seem to be slowly calming down and settling into what seems like normalcy this time of year. The first load of gifts and cards went to the post office today. And it felt great. I've got some last minute shopping/craftiness that I need to get done...and the baking. The holiday baking...ah well, plenty of time left, right? Ah well, no one said I had to go make those darned snowflake shaped sugar cookies. I think I'm going for regular drop cookies this year. Much less fuss...*sigh* if I could only just figure out how to make my living as a pastry chef without those horrid pastry chef hours....

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