Tuesday, December 14, 2004

On Fiber and Fabric

One thing, for certain, is that the Portland area has way more than its fair share of fine fiber shops. The three I've been to have a fine selection and array of yarns, and even more tempting is the fact that Oregon has no sales tax...Alas, my stash is already out of control, and due to limited luggage space and an urge to try to make an attempt and not get too far behind in my knitting projects, I made a heroic attempt at not making too many additions.

For example, here is a photo - and a not too flattering one at that - of Cozy. For some reason the color isn't coming out right - she's dark green in color, knit out of Wool Ease. Poor thing has been stuck on needles since September if I recall correctly, and she's been frogged out at least twice. The good news is I'm getting accustomed to the pattern, so I can work on her more frequently - but I still limit myself to Cozy work when I can set aside enough time to complete a full pattern repeat - which, for me, takes about an hour. I do like working on her, as the yarn is pleasant to touch and the fabric is coming off very nicely. Perhaps now that I have all my holiday knitting done (at least all that I'm convinced I'll get done anyway!), I'll spend more time working on her...along with the other myriad of other projects I'd like to get underway.

Anyway, back to the eye candy - my fiber downfall was not to be had at the Yarn Garden or Lint - rather it was found sneakily hiding amongst the foodstuffs at the Farmers Market. What is it? Why it's hand painted hand spun and plied wool yarn from SuDan Farm. Hug a sheep :D I couldn't resist - now I have something on the order of 775 meters of yarn that is somewhere between sport and worsted weight...I'm thinking either Frolic or Shapely Tee. Thoughts? Frolic will require some math on my part, since the original yarn is Rowan 4-ply - a fingering weight cotton yarn. I know I was thinking of making the Shapely Tee out of that blue Beachcomber yarn I have sitting around, but this handspun yarn is so much more alluring.

And last, but not least, a trip to the Fabric Depot found me walking off with a yard of cat and mouse fabric and a fun retro-floral print. I'm thinking a lined square bottom handbag out of the Floral. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the cat and mouse print, but I had to have it. I don't know what possessed me to buy the floral - it's got to be the most feminine fabric I've ever purchased. And it's got pink in it too! I'm typically drawn to blues and neutral tones. Perhaps it's all this knitting and other craftiness working its way into my mind. Ah well. It'll be nice to work with in any case :D


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Mariko. The no sales tax thing makes everything seem like it's on sale, doesn't it? Nice scores! I wanted to get to the farmers' market but never did. There's supposed to be some really good chocolate there (Sahagun Chocolate).

Anonymous said...

FYI - Sahagun is opening a storefront very soon in the Portland area. Check information around Valentine's Day. They will ship if the weather is cool enough. Be sure to try the infused truffles ... with flavorings like lavendar, chili or rosemary (my favorite), each bite is an adventure for your tastebuds!

-Carolyn in Portland