Sunday, December 12, 2004

Back from Portland!

First, I'd like to say a huge "thanks" to Raquel for bringing me hither and yon on my few brief moments after work while I was in Portland. Where did I go? Friday night, I had an opportunity to visit Yarn Garden, where I discovered the loveliness of many a fine yarn - especially Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and Rowan Polar (amongst others) - I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed that I was resolute and didn't allow any to follow me home. Yarn fondling was followed by dinner at Lagniappe - where I had a most tasty repast of fried catfish and hush puppies.

Saturday morning, prior to escaping to the airport was spent by hitting the Winter Solstice Market - the last Portland Farmer's Market of the season...where a few odd items made their way into my carry on luggage. After the Farmers Market, we had a quick jaunt to Lint, where I fondled yet more yarn - Brown Sheep Burly Spun and Blue Sky Alpaca fibers. We topped off my luggage by making a visit to the most immense and well stocked Fabric Depot where I found some yardage I absolutely had to have.

Today was spent recovering from being off on business travel, putting the finishing touches on the holiday knitting I took on the plane, and other mundane things like frogging my Hug so I can begin anew and cranking out a little holiday baking. I'm sad to say I'm distressed at the recent demise of my cookie baller - but proud in a very sick nerdy way at how uniformly I can still crank out cookies using the two spoon method :D

Tune in this week for photos of recent acquisitions and some knitting in progress!

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Creative Genius? said...

Oh I am working with the Burly Spun now and love it!