Thursday, December 02, 2004

Frosty Goodness

One thing I haven't encountered since moving to the southwest is the unique combination of fog and frost. Imagine that. No fog or frost in the desert. :D Anyway, it really was quite beautiful, if a bit chilly. There was some mystical quality to the landscape with the drifting fog and the clean white frost on all the leaves and grass. Truly a beautiful sight. Unfortunately, I couldn't take the day off to hike and enjoy it - I had to come into work instead.

Progress on the Hug is going amazingly fast, as I had a good time watching/listening to the Food Network while knitting in my hotel room. I don't have cable back home, just for this reason - too much programming that I'd get sucked into! I'm a good way up the first sleeve - with some more knitting tonight, there's a good chance I'll be well onto the back by the time I have to catch my flight tomorrow.

Speaking of flights, someone commented on Knitting Needles and Aircraft - I have to say that it depends on the aircraft. The TSA (transportation security administration) does not have any restrictions on knitting or crochet needles for carry on. I have heard that metal needles are prohibited, but this isn't a problem for me as I dislike knitting with metal needles and am usually traveling with wood or circular needles with plastic tips. I will comment that this will vary if you travel internationally, as some countries transportation authorities do prohibit knitting needles on board. The UK is one such country.

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Creative Genius? said...

Say hi to Portland for me! I miss that city! As for flying with knitting stuff... I just flew Continential to NJ with six projects and their own metal needles (including a set of double pointeds), a pair of kids scissors, stitch holders, and lots more - all in my carry-on. They scanned it twice but didn't say a word, didn't open anything - and let me on my merry way! AMAZING! There was even an older gentleman knitting on the plane too!