Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'm on a Yarn Diet. Really.

Well, before the New Year hits and before I get underway with my "normal" resolutions, I figure I should go on a self imposed yarn diet. I'm currently trying to decide how small I should diminish my stash to in order to lift the diet, and I'm currently thinking that I should be able store all of my yarn (plus any new purchases) inside my Trofast storage system. Now, you might think this is plenty of space, but I've only dedicated the tallest section to yarn storage - I've got one (14 1/2") deep bin, a medium (9") bin and a shallow (4") bin that I use for yarn storage (and believe me, it's not enough space - my Ribby Yarn is still in its shipping box, I've got another box full of Berrocco Uxbridge Tweed, and then there's my Baby Alpaca and my Hand Dyed and Hand Spun Hug A Sheep wool amongst others that are all hiding in the closet). I've installed shelves in the Center Section and the shortest section and could probably use up some of those spaces for yarn storage, but for now, I use them for my knitting books and some of my finished objects. On the top of the storage system, I've got my various needles and other knitting notions, along with my Pattern book. This Yarn Diet thing is already proving to be a challenge, as I received the Elann newsletter today, and found some fantastic deals! Oh well. Must be strong. Must get thru the knitting queue (ridiculously long). Must not stash more yarn in random places. Please tell me, this gets easier over time, right?

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CrazyFiberLady said...

Please let me know if it gets any easier for you! I'm on a self imposed yarn diet (and spinning fiber and beads, etc) that I'd really like to make it to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival unscathed. I should take baby steps and try and get out of the month of January, but hey if anything is worth doing it is worth doing big. I did manage to sneak in under the new years wire with an 11.30pm order to elann for more yarn which would definitely keep me busy (and in yarn) until the first weekend of May. ;)

Nice to know I'm not alone with a huge stash and a craving for more! Welcome to the dark side :)