Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hug, anyone?

Well, after several nights not able to sleep, I finished off the Hug in Lion Brand Homespun. The good news? I love the colorway, and how soft the fabric came out. The bad news? I suspect I had a pattern interpretation problem and the sleeves came out a mite shorter than they were supposed to. I modified the instructions and knit the sleeves in the round because I didn't want to seam. So...she's headed for the frog pond for a refresh. I'll probably post photos when she's done to my satisfaction.

Back in Portland, and had fun idling away time on the MAX with my knitting. I didn't bring Cozy. Poor Cozy...stuck on needles as a UFO. Maybe I'll have to tell myself no Hug until Cozy is done....and then there's still Ribby to Cast On for! Oh...if only I could just curl up and spend more time knitting!

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