Tuesday, September 14, 2004

To Commercialize or Not?

This country is consumed by commercialism. Everything is sponsored; advertisements abound. A good portion of the Internet is plastered with banners and pop-up windows. It's quite dreadful. I probably can't complain too much though. After all, we market a few items on our website...and various people have been encouraging us to open a CafePress store....and we've thought about publishing the content of the site to a book...

We're out for financial independence - it is the American Dream, isn't it? We'd love to be able to escape Corporate America and support ourselves doing something we love - who in their right mind wouldn't?! Anyway, what brought this on? Periodically we're approached by others to either 1) add a link to their site 2) allow them to use content from the site 3) sell products for them. While I like the idea of being able to draw an income off the site (if not for anything else but to pay for the hosting fees) there's something that just sits wrong with adding external commercial links all over the place. Am I psychotic? Confused? Just plain odd?

On a much more tasty note, I've posted the Rev0 recipe for the Caramel Rum Pound Cake as a comment to that entry. Enjoy.

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