Friday, September 10, 2004

Open for Business...

Well, kind of anyway. Apparently I am a nerd, and not a very talented one at that.

After first trying to check out different free blog software and even giving several a test-run, I eventually came back to Blogger...only to find that I have technology issues when it comes to posting photos. Apparently Hello is not proxy-server compatible, so no photo-blogging for me when I'm looking for a break from work. I eventually got Hello working from home, but it seems kinda kludgy to me....or it could be my lack of intuition at work! Someone correct me if I'm wrong...if I want to post a photo with text, does that mean I need to post the photo from Hello and then log into Blogger to append the message with text? I guess the other option is to use Flickr.....oh choices choices :D

Anyway, that's enough of my personal ineptitude up for display. I'm off to rummage for dinner.


Raquel said...

Welcome to the blogworld! Isn't peer pressure great? Muhahahahaha....:)

Michael Chu said...


I use Hello to post pictures to my site(s) also. It does not work through my work proxy, so I have to upload all the pictures that I might want to work with from home. I upload them with captions (so I know what picture is what when I edit the posts) by entering a caption in the lower right text area before clicking on Publish.

I usually need to have many pictures in one post (and lots of text), so I actually started a second blog called "Cooking Pictures" where I upload all my pictures. The blog exists on the same server as my main blog so I can simply cut and paste the post html to the other blog and write the full article. That's the best I've managed with and Hello.

Good luck!