Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My Cat is Wierd.

Not only does he look remarkably like a Gargoyle, my cat also happens to like to eat legumes. And not just any legumes, he has a definite preference for lentils. Brown lentils. While he prefers them cooked, he'll eat cooked and dehydrated lentils (from a curry lentil soup mix). Perhaps he's a gourmand in the making?


Anonymous said...

Your cat is just adorable! and how cool is that pose :)


Anonymous said...

Sorta looks like the picture of Mithryl with Sokrates. And it's good to know the gargoyle is still getting use. :)


Rainey said...

I had a cat who was wild about veggies once. He loved broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes. It was particularly funny to watch him eat melon 'cause he'd bat it around until it got all bruised and the juices ran then he'd lick them clean. He could work a 3" cube around like that for a whole afternoon.

He was a fantastic cat and I still miss him!