Friday, September 17, 2004

K1 *M1 K1 PMSO*

No, it's not some sort of weird's a knitting pattern! And it's what I've been working on lately. It's a custom design by Raquel that I'm testing.

It looks like I might run out of yarn in the skein I'm knitting from now - so it looks like a quick trip to the local yarn store (LYS) is in order. I'll probably change colors for the bottom and handles on the bag, just to make it interesting (well, that and I can't find that yarn anymore).

Like most knitters, I have more than one project on needles...and as I alluded to in my post yesterday, it's another bag. The pattern is from Straw into Gold/Crystal Palace Yarns but I've deviated by using completely different yarns.

The purple portion is going nicely, and I'll probably switch to the grey soon enough. All I can say is after this, I'm going to be really proficient at ribbing and seed/moss stitches!


Anonymous said...

All right, enough with the bags. In keeping with the season, I think you need to make this.


Anonymous said...

Both of your bags rock! Your yarn choices are awsome! I can't wait to see the completed market bag.