Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Getting Organized

Apparently, my household has been struck with a bout of Autumnal Organization - between myself, my husband and our cats, we've managed to clutter up the place since our Spring Cleaning event and once again find ourselves going through everything and trying to decide what items to keep, what to donate away, what to try to resell and what to just throw (or freecycle) away. While traumatizing at the time, I always do find a good bout of organization to be incredibly invogorating once finished - how about you?

Just in time, my friends Illanna and Kiki have a great idea for the month of September!

It's the Great September Needle Harvest! The concept is deceptively simple - harvest/free up as many needles as you can from your UFOs by either actually finishing them, ripping them back, transferring the project to stitch holders, converting the project into something else (for example, felt it down and turn it into an ornament, a bag or perhaps even a creature!), give the project to someone else to finish (with their own needles ;) ) or...just pitch it (without the needles, of course).

There's a Ravelry group, and prizes for incentives - click on the banner or the link above to join us in our harvesting!

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Oiyi said...

I love the idea. We can all use the push. I am going to check the group out now. Thanks for posting this.