Friday, September 25, 2009

OPF - Hello August!

Eep, it's already the end of September and I totally forgot to share the fiber I got in August :) It's quite lovely - though I haven't yet made friends with my spinning wheel (I was too crazed working on that shawl)...I saw a sample worked up by Kiki when we met for knitting this past weekend. Her lovely swatch/sample make me realize I really need to get on with learning how to navajo ply properly - course this does mean re-learning how to put more twist in my singles since I had switched to spinning primarily low twist singles a while back. Ah, the joys of learning new skills :) (ps - there's a great tutorial on YouTube right here in case you're trying to get navajo plying down too)


cayli said...

Nice fiber! I have to point you to this video, as I too am not great at navajo plying but found this video helped me "get it."

Oiyi said...

I couldn't wait and spun it up already. I did a regular two ply, but maybe I should of have navajo plied it, but oh well.