Monday, August 31, 2009

Small World

Occasionally, I am reminded that the internet has really made it possible to "meet" folk from around the world whose lives would never have otherwise crossed mine.

It was one such individual that I have occasionally corresponded with after finding out about his work from another blogger, and viewing his photos on flickr. As soon as I saw the cover, I new this had to be the same fellow:

Sure enough, Trond, aka the KNITKID, pulled together his great Knitting Project into book form: HatHeads: 1 Man + 2 Knitting Needles = 50 Fun Hat Designs The book is a peek into the crazy 20 months and approximately 200 hats created during this time. Throughout the book are glorious photos of the hats and their recipients. The beginning portion of the book includes the story of how the Knitting Project came into being, and while it is a very small section, I really enjoyed reading about it. The hats in the book vary in size from Small (17.75-19 inch circumference) to Large (21.25 - 22.75 inch circumference) - there's a handy reference before the patterns start to help narrow things down if you know what size hat you need to knit. Of course, there are some tips on size adjustment.

Each of the hats follow a simple beanie shaped pattern, but are colorful and whimsical. Every hat is presented with a photo of its recipient and a little bit of backstory along with clear instructions and charts (if appropriate). Many of the hats do make use of stranded knitting (fair-isle), so the book may not be fantastic for knitters that are just getting started. At the end of the book, there is a basic hat recipe, along with some information on how to customize your own motif into a hat.

Personally, I was drawn to the book more for the photos and inspiration than anything else - the hat patterns are a bonus - it's simply refreshing to see all the different variations that Trond had come up with during the course of his knitting project, and reading some of the insight behind his work and designs. If you'd like to see a selection of the hats that Trond has knit, have a look at the flickr photoset.

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