Monday, September 28, 2009


So, all that crazed knitting was done in preparation for my attendance at a grand event: the Marriage of one of my cousins. We practically grew up in the same household - so he's like a brother in many ways. You can have a look at the finished shawl over here.

Speaking of brothers, *sniff* they're all grown up. Look at them all, in suits and ties no less! I had to go through a crazy number of photos to pull this one (they were all being goofy in the other photos) I guess somethings never change ;)

The ceremony was outdoors, at the Nixon Presidential Library - out in the rose garden. The setting was stunning, the flowers (arrangements, and otherwise) were also beautiful. There were rose petals in abundance.

The bride and groom - aren't they lovely? I saw their photographer sneaking round to the other side - but we figured we shouldn't go sneaking around during the ceremony in an attempt at photographs.

The little ones in the wedding party were especially adorable - I don't have photos of the little man who did a recitation of Mr. Roger's "It's you I like" - very well done and way too cute!

The reception was indoors - and the food was prepared by an ex-presidential chef (and it was very tasty too). Behold, the cake:

Simple and elegant, white and dark chocolate with raspberries...and pastry cream.

Congratulations, Julian and Christina! We wish you happiness, good fortune and health!


Sarah said...

Looks like a great wedding. Gorgeous weather & colors!

Letoya said...

Lovely wedding! I'm glad you were able to get nice pictures. You shouldn't have worried. The photog and the wedding party only worries if you're in the way. Like, don't step on the photogs heels. HAHA! Is that your middle bro in the red shirt? He could be your twin! Where's the pic of you all dressed up?