Friday, September 04, 2009


Hmm. Not quite a look I'm excited to be sporting, but I've found I've managed to damage myself again! (worry not, I only have to wear that evil looking boot at night - I'm still trying to figure out if it's Plantar Fasciitis or if I've somehow managed to give myself a stress fracture)

After having given up heeled shoes a while ago, I found myself crazily drawn to these lovely ruby red, modestly heeled mary janes from John Fluevog. After hearing several acquaintances sing the praises of Fluevog shoes, and realizing I needed to come up with an outfit for an upcoming wedding, it was a perfect opportunity to see if my Keen-loving feet will tolerate heels (I do realize that PF or stress fracture means I'm not supposed to be prancing around in heels, but I figure there isn't *that* much walking involved and the wedding is a month away). Due to my lack of knowhow when it comes to fancy womens shoes, I had to rely on the advice and guidance of the kind individual who answered the phone when I called to place my order - kudos and thanks to Rebecca from the Chicago Fluevog store - she was very helpful in guiding style and size selection and notified me that apparently Vogs can be purchased by layaway plan. Egad.

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Kirsten said...

Oh, no...your poor foot! That contraption looks medieval!

But the shoes are divine! I, too, am a Keen gal. Keens, Danskos, running shoes. I have like 2 pairs of dressy shoes, but they are cheap and not comfy. Tell me more about these adorable red heels. They look like they'd actually be kind of pleasant to wear.