Friday, October 03, 2008

Perfect Timing

Just as I'm getting ready to embark on another cabled sweater, this book arrived for perusing (pre-order now! It's officially released next Tuesday, October 7). I adore cables. Always have - there is something magical and wonderful about their squooshiness and meanderings.

This book starts out with a primer on cables and how to go about making them (instructions complete with clear illustrations, vocabulary, knitting symbols and charts). Because this book also specializes in knots and rings, there is a section about closed-ring cables (a technique I have not yet personally tried - but look forward to doing so!)

Projects in this book are broken up into four sections: Simple Starter Projects (a pillow and a hat), Accents for the Home (a rug, a throw pillow, some blankets and a placemat), Clothing for Women (sweaters/cardis and a skirt), and Gifts for Friends and Family (sweaters, baby blocks and a bag). Overall, there are a nice smattering of patterns, all featuring wonderful cables and knotwork. Each pattern includes a large photo of the finished project, along with several detail photos in addition to clear schematics and charts (along with a chart key so you don't have to flip between the pattern and the front matter of the book!). If you've never knit from a chart before, I think this book does a good job explaining (and illustrating) technique and walking you through the reading of charts.

Believe it or not, the above material only occupies the first 128 of this 191 page book! Starting page 129 is a glorious stitch dictionary - perfect for working into original designs. Broken into several parts (Panels, Closed-Ring Motifs and Horizontal Bands), accompanied by a clear photo and a chart, the stitch dictionary includes 87 glorious cable samples. I look forward to working some of these wonderful cables into my projects!

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cayli said...

Sounds like a great book. Love the idea of a stitch library of sorts in the back.