Friday, October 24, 2008

Testing, Testing...1...2...3...

While I haven't been doing a ton of dyework, I've been working on some evals...there were 4 skeins total, one of them has already been appropriated for some knitting evals:

see? Sorry for the flashy flashy photo - I kept forgetting to take photos while I had good natural light. I don't know how to explain what I was knitting - other than to say it's basically a pair of short close fitting leg warmers. Anklets - but taller. No feet - fancy tubes with a little bit of shaping to accomodate my shapely calves :)

More interesting perhaps is the fact that it's a true fingering base, about 420 yards per 4 oz's soft and lovely...and it has some nylon content to make it more robust! I'm still working on the eval...and on the name selection :) stay tuned!


cayli said...

Love the color of that yarn.

Rachel said...

Wow,amazing color, the yarn looks very tempting indeed.