Thursday, June 05, 2008

Photoless & Melting.

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio - and TNNA! I of course managed to forget my camera - at first I figured it was no big deal because cameras aren't allowed on the show floor - but there are knitters all over the place, and I even spotted Jess and Casey and Mary-Heather! Not only that, but I know I will be spying a famous Stephanie...and I'm sharing my room with none other than Anne Hanson of Knitspot designs!!

Not too much to report for today, other than I'm melting from the heat and humidity combination. I didn't finish the Koigu sweater, it's still at home awaiting the yoke and sleeves....and a possible lengthening. I made a walk over to North Market to find something for dinner...and now I'm making lists of things to try not to buy ;) Stay tuned...LOL!


Sophia Rowan said...

Welcome to Columbus! Let me know if you need any recommendations. I'll be at Knitters Connection Thursday and Friday, if you'll still be in town.

Have fun!

Rob said...

It's been a pleasure spending time with you this weekend! I'll look forward to ordering goodies soon!