Monday, June 02, 2008

Fresh Yarn and Fiber :)

Well, May flew right on by with barely a shop update. I've made up for it this month. Over 20 pounds of fresh yarn and fibers have hit the shop. Most of the new yarn is limited edition colorways. I hope to develop some new colorways as I decide which of the "regulars" to tag for discontinuing.

The latter portion of this week, I will be at TNNA :) Not to show, but to hunt down some new lines and products to add. I'm still undecided as to whether the computer will be making the trip with me, and also trying to figure out what knitting project to bring.

This weekend I made good progress on the Koigu sweater - so much so, that I might have it to wear to TNNA. We'll see. It is, after all, fine gauge knitting, and it can be deceiving how much is left to go - photos soon :D


K~ said...

It has been a while since I have visited your blog. I miss your fun postings. I have added you to my blog list on my site. I hope people check it out. You do some dyeing of yarn, correct? Just wondering which is your work and which is others work in your shop. I will look closer next time I visit. Where abouts is your shop in Arizona? My mom and dad just moved there and go to Cave Creek every weekend. They are in Sun City West. Turtles don't talk back.K~

J.Reilly said...

I'm off to browse the yarns... gotta get a spinning wheel of my own, the fiber's too tempting!
Have fun at TNNA!