Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Patience is a Virtue

Seriously. Because it might save you from having to do what I did...

...which would be picking out the hem of a sweater by snipping one stitch and unraveling it, stitch by stitch in order to get access to live stitches (as in a provisional cast on) to add length to the body. Above in the photo you can see that I have just finished liberating the hem :)

I measured and measured, and still it seems it wasn't quite long enough (I really should have kept on knitting instead of splitting for the v-neck and going after the yoke) - I don't know if it was because when I measured it, I was stretching the fabric a little bit or perhaps I failed to accomodate my not so bountiful bustline - all I know is where it was, it was hitting me at about belly-button level.

I'm glad to say the picking out of stitches and adding length has gone quite well - I'm half way through binding off all the hem stitches so I can whip stitch it up in place (I opted to do this instead of binding off to the purl bumps in an attempt to prevent the hem from kinda flipping outwards). Once I have the hem in place, I'll have one skein of koigu left to finish the edging on the neckline (I'll be opting for applied i-cord) and the finishing of the sleeves. It's looking like this will be a short sleeved sweater :) Unless I order in another skein or so of this colorway and dyelot.

Don't forget, there are a few more days left before I fire up yon Random Number Generator to pick a winner in the contest!


Rachel said...

Oh my,,, but it's good it went well and the sweater looks very promising!

K~ said...

When I screw up on knitting, I have to tear it all out. (unless the yarn is super stiff) So, I am impressed that you can even rip up any of it and continue with the project. We just got back from Gull Lake MN. We had a great time. I have some small crocheted flowers on ESTY. More to come. I was wondering if you could let me know what you think. There are a few more on my blog, a ways down. Thanks, Kirsten