Friday, January 25, 2008

the Wheel goes round and round

After a very long hiatus, I finally had some time to sit down with my spinning wheel...

I find it amazing how different lighting brings out different colors in yarn - this is actually the same skein - the top photo was under incandescent lights and I was unable to get a satisfactory white balance off of it...but I liked the colors it showed, so I decided to keep it for future inspiration :D

The yarn is called Tumbling Tides and it can be's over in the shop. Incidentally, there are some other things in the shop too - the Unscented SOAK finally arrived in both small and large bottles, and I also just got a restock of Persephone Socks Patterns along with some more Oceanwind Knits Yarns. Incidentally, I'm working on getting the new limited editions photographed, so those will be hitting the shop soon too :)


cayli said...

Love the yarn! Reminds me that I want to get back to my wheel.

Can't wait to see what you have come up with this time as far as colors go.

Anonymous said...

wonderful! I love the different photos :D

sharon said...

I'm not supposed to buy more yarn - why oh why are you tempting me!!!!!
Lovely spinning though