Friday, January 11, 2008

Batt Girl Rides again...

Stephanie + Fiber + Time =

Over the holidays I took the time to do a wee bit of blending :) Incidentally, the shop has been updated :D

I'm still working on the post about my workspace and some recent dyeing adventures - sorry for the delay....

Instead, I offer you this:

to keep you entertained.

Free Rice donated as you test your vocabulary skills! Terribly addictive - at least I thought so, but I'm kind of a nerd that way :D

Give it a try, send it to your friends - heck, if you have children of school-age, you can even get them to play ;) what better way to get them to work on their vocabulary than by a "game" that benefits others?


Anonymous said...

mmmm fiber!

emicat said...

Great link! I test my knowledge and help the world out in the process :)