Monday, January 21, 2008

There be no cankles here!

Cast on right after I finished my CPH, I was wanting some coordinating socks. How convenient that this pattern for kilt hose appeared :D

Imagine my slight horror to realize that my measurements matched those of the recipient of the Kilt Hose in the actual pattern - Actually, my measurements are just a hair larger at the top of the calf and a touch trimmer at the ankle - I attribute my legginess to all the hiking I've done - and the genes of course :) No lithe slim legs here.

Ah well, I figure play em up and celebrate, I love the "seam" down the back of these socks!

Commentary etc, as always, is over at the Finished Objects Blog.

1 comment:

cayli said...

Love those socks...I mean Kilt hose. The seaming up the back is really great looking.