Thursday, January 31, 2008

To felt or not to felt.

That is the question.
Sorry, no photos :( I bound off last night well after midnight, tried on the hat and decided I had to go to bed.

I recently finished a fair isle hat but it's a touch loose - I should have probably knit the ribbing on smaller needles...anyhow, I knit it out of feltable yarns, but 2 different types. The gauge looks pretty even, though I might have pulled some of the floats a bit tight at the top of the hat - and the very top of the hat may be suffering the lack of floats as it switches over to single color for the last little bit - regardless, the hat could stand a blocking before I take some photos. But the dilemma remains, do I just soak and block, or should I attempt to rectify the sizing issue with some felting...The hat is definitely a touch too deep, and a little bit big at the circumference, so I think it's a pretty good candidate for felting...though I'm not relishing trying on a wet hat for fit ;)

Suggestions? I promise, I'll have photos soon.

Don't forget, Project Spectrum 3.0 starts tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

A little bit of felting might not be so bad. Maybe just vigorous blooming rather than felting.

Is it a hat you would be willing to part with? You could gift it to somebody with a bigger head if you don't want to felt.

Luscious Gracious said...

Guess what Steve says?????
Felt it already!
I like the last comment about someone with a bigger head. I have a big head. Just saying. No, I think you should felt it too. And a little felting shouldn't make much difference btwn different types of yarn...should tighten it up nicely. Just look at it EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!!! Love -Kiki