Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Looking Backwards and Forwards

Happy New Year, everyone!

2007 was definitely a mixed bag - and I'm happy for the "fresh" start that a new calendar year brings. Focusing on all that is good (which is still plenty) - lets have a look at where I went last year and where I'm hoping to go this year!

The new year was kicked off properly with a visit with the Luscious Gracious Clan and other suspects for some serious knitting to bring in 2008 properly :)

After a slow start last year, there was a flurry of finishing objects -
There was some spinning, a his and her pair of socks, 5 lovely bits of lace, his and hers sweaters, a whole whack of dyeing and a book.

Speaking of dyeing and the shop, business continued to grow and I got picked up by the Loopy Ewe this year. This allowed me to gift generously to my designated charities (Heifer International, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer) over the holidays - if you care to join me this year, I've created a registry at Heifer International. I'm hoping the business will continue to grow (I'm now accepting a few wholesale accounts, so tell your LYS ;) ) so I can be even more generous next holiday season.

My other major focus for this next year is for more balance in my life. It's always a struggle, and something that always requires focus and attention. I'll be striving to be more balanced in everything - from work/rest/play to diet and exercise, I'm hoping to better balance the varied aspects of my life. I'm still training, and have at least one "race" on the books for this year, though I might go ahead and sign up for another, depending on how I'm feeling after the one I'm already scheduled for goes.

Wishing you all the very best for this New Year. May it be full of joy, wonder and accomplishments!

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Happy New year!!