Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What to do with scraps of wool?

Well, some people make thrummed mittens...

I recently discovered a hole in one of my first ever projects - a pair of felted slippers, Fuzzy Feet pattern, from knitty. I first noticed a "cold" spot when I walked on the tile floors in my home - I kept forgetting to check on that spot - well, it eventually wore through, and I was able to get my whole big toe through the opening in the bottom of the slipper!

I was thinking I might have to figure out how to creatively darn the hole, but because the slippers are felted, I was worried I'd feel the repair - then it struck me - I'm a spinner! I have lots of soft wool about! Almost all of it felts! I grabbed a tuft of wool, and my needle felting tools, and needle felted a repair right into the slipper :) It's as good as new :D Well, except for the nonmatching color of that spot now (the slippers are kind of tweedy, but the repair is a solid tan color), but I figure it's on the bottom of the slipper, so no one will be the wiser! (sorry, I didn't take before photos, and I'm not sure I want to take a photo of the bottoms of the slippers now either - it's like taking photos of the bottoms of shoes LOL)

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