Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shameful. Again.

No, not because I've halted progress on Avast - it's moving along quite nicely, it's mindless knitting at this point as it's miles of stockinette with no shaping.

Shameful because I'm a knitter, and once again I'm caught with no warm handknitted accessories for a quick jaunt to the cold white north. I think the Arctic leak has been stoppered, but still, highs are in the mid 20s, with lows either below 0 or low single digits where I'm headed. Yes, I do realize I have a perfectly good Meathead Hat and a ginormous pile of scarves, but those items are tagged for sale/trade, so they aren't "mine". More annoying, I'm wishing I had some gloves/glittens/fingerless mitts - ah well, I'm sure i'll manage - I'm in the process of making piles of wool to take with me :)

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