Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Matcha Power!

Trader Joes strikes again - and now they have Matcha Latte mix. I had read what a pain it is for those Starbucks Baristas to make Iced Green Tea Lattes and I can say that this stuff also does not like to be turned into an iced latte - it just doesn't dissolve properly - and then I couldn't get over the gobs of mix that were floating around - I'm going to have to give the hot latte a go, and then try my hand at a blended iced latte - you know...Frappuccino style :)

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Dr.Gray said...

Matcha can dissolve in cold liquid if it is the proper quality, moister content and size. Read the label on the trader joes it says clearly "with pure green and matcha teas" which means that it is not real matcha some kind of blend. I would be cautious. A lot of the green tea things in trader joes are from China. All matcha is only grown and manufactured in Japan.