Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thank You!

Seriously - thanks to everyone who has posted or emailed comments to me regarding my headache dilemma. I really really appreciate them all. Hopefully I'll have them under control soon - the good news is they rarely get out of hand into "someone please cut my head off and give it back later" levels of pain, it seems they are usually of the low grade, but annoying none the less variety.

I think it's time for happier stuff, don't you?

Every girl likes sparkly things, even better if they are handmade :)

I was the lucky recipient of these handmade glass bead earrings and pendant from Chris aren't they great? The earrings even have sparklies in the glass - and I can't get over the turtle - he even has a teeny tiny little tail. They're just perfect!

I also received this necklace from Amy - the chain is sterling silver and it has a turquoise bead, a mother of pearl bead and an Amyville original tekkamaki :) The turquoise bead with it's different coloring reminds me of the earth!

I think we'll all agree - handmade gifts trump a headache anyday ;)

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Chris said...

I'm glad you like them!