Friday, December 22, 2006

Changing Seasons!

Yesterday marked Winter Solstice - the first "official" day of winter, and also the shortest day of the year. My run today was magical - it was what seemed like an effortless five miles, with the sunlight filtering down through misty clouds - very rare for the desert. I saw a fair bit of wildlife - from the "regulars" - a variety of species of birds (and people out with their dogs :D) - to some very special spottings - a cottontail that didn't bolt at my approach, and even more special, a coyote - a rare treat indeed.

Speaking of running, I've discovered that just because some clothes work fine for certain fitness activities - like hiking or walking or yoga, doesn't mean they'll work for running - I had what felt like a constant wardrobe malfunction on a recent run (not today) - the dratted pants kept feeling like they were slithering down my hips - and every block or so I felt obliged to grab em and hitch em up. Not exactly the best for my gait....Upon my return home, I went straight to a mirror to see how indecent they were, and they were about 3 inches below my natural waistline...definitely Low Riding....way lower than any low rise jeans I might wear....Needless to say, the pants have been relegated to more sedate activities :)

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Kirsten said...

I've been there with the misbehaving clothes while working out. Nothing worse. All seems well, until you walk out the door and actually start to move.