Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Knitted & Spun Gifts

It was a wonderful weekend of holiday cheer :) with the weekend kicking off with the Luscious Gracious group and dinner at Cafe Carumba. Festivities wrapped on Sunday evening with a Holiday Get Together with good friends - what a treat to see everyone, and the dinner by Raquel was supurb.

At long last I can share some of the creations that I've had to hide away all this time!

Soas to spare mountains of knitted gifts and yarn (not necessarily a bad thing ;) ) the International Knit Circle did a "secret pal" style swap - and I knitted my first ever pair of gift socks that went to live with Jen. Click here for the details. There was much fretting on whether or not they'd fit, whether she'd like the colorway and whether she'd like the sock height or not...she appeared pleased, and she blogged about them, so I think I'm safe :) What a relief!

I was on the receiving end of Steve and the whole LG family in general - check out the mini sweater knit by Kiki, and the girls put together great games and gift bags for the evening! Anyhow, back to Steve - I have another original felted bag (it's so soft!) - it's designed to hold my sock knitting projects...

If you open it up, you'll see an original flower print and check out the dpns! I've already moved my latest sock knitting project into it, and it works great :)

In the way of other fiber gifts, I have had some time to do some special spinning - first, a birthday skein for Raquel (you know, the one that has enabled my poor feeble mind into all kinds of madness ;) ) It's a special run of Arizona Sycamore.

And for Amy, I did a custom dye & spin job to match her favorite and signature colors....mmm mmm, merino :) btw, if you click the pic of the yarn below, you'll get a closeup of it...I couldn't resist.


J.Reilly said...

The socks are SO perfect! My grandma left me a message today that said "yes I am jealous of your clips" and she wants to get back into sock knitting - so the socks are coming to MA to show off! Thanks!

Chris said...

I don't get a mention? :-(