Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Favorite Cookie!

almond shortbread cookies by Trader Joes

Very very tasty. Terribly terribly addictive. Way easier the my baking the equivalent ;) Not only that, but they come dusted with sugar so they glisten and have a wonderfully satisfying crunch on the outside!

I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to jump in and do a bunch of traditional holiday baking - but while I'm deciding, these tasty cookies are keeping plenty happy :) *

* looks like I just may have to do some holiday baking - my local Trader Joes is out of these cookies for the season. *pout* though honestly, it's probably a good thing - at least that's what I'm telling my waistline :)


wannabe said...

You know what else they are out of....Candy Cane Jo-Jos. OMG. SOOOO good. And Peppermint Bark made with glucose syrup rather than corn syrup which is a big No-No in my house. Arg. I hate when they run out early. I was looking forward to eating much more! My hips will thank me later. :)

illanna said...

My favorite cookie is still yours with the "secret ingredient!"