Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I got gauge. Yet I frogged.

I was happily on the home stretch of my Baudelaire Socks and I tried em on...only to decide they were too baggy and just not holding their shape properly. I shoulda known, seeing as the socks were toe up and I had tried em on thinking the foot was kinda soggy, if you know what I mean. They were so loose that it fit my DH's foot quite nicely, though the heel section was still not as tightly fitted as I would like. Can you imagine? Leaf Lace socks on a man??

Anyhow, I've ripped the socks back, and cast back on again - this time I'll knit the small size pattern and I've gone down 1 size in needles as well. Here's hoping they fit properly....or I'll have to rip back again (or switch midstream to smaller needles!)

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Sarah said...

Good luck!!!