Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's a Sign!

T-a few days and counting to my first race - and yes, there will be photos and a race report afterwards. Preparations have been going well, over the Thanksgiving weekend, I ran my furthest distance yet for training (7k) and today was my last scheduled Training run before the race.

Anyhow, as I was coming up towards the home stretch of the run, the song ProGen by the Shamen came up on my mp3 was like a good omen for the weekend :)

Course, now I have the song stuck in my head...but oh well :D

ps. today's pace was the 2nd best I've ever run - and it was windy and cold (relatively) out

pps. if any of you want the song stuck in your head too, you can click here for a You Tube video

1 comment:

Oiyi said...

Good luck with the race. You can do it!!!