Monday, November 13, 2006

Fields of Flowers (and felt too)

I've been in crazy-mad preparation mode for one more craft fair...this time focusing on original finished objects to appeal to the not so crafty crowd...interspersed with my knitting, I've taken up the needles (of the sewing and felting variety) and the crochet hooks to make up a bunch of flower pins for accessories! I'm still trying to decide if I want to make finished goods an addition to the shop - any comments either way?

In other Felting News, I've added a new line of soaps...

Organic Handfelted Soaps! The soaps are all made from organic vegetable oils and scented with organic essential oils (except for the unscented one, which has no essential oils added). These soaps are free of dyes, and are biodegradable as well! All are availible in the Spritely Soaps section of Spritely Goods.

Last on the product updates, I've got the new Limited Edition Fragrance SOAK in the's my own personal favorite - overtaking the Aquae and Citrus scents hands down. Lets just say Soak - it's not just for your wool anymore ;)

Oh, for those who want to see just how many flowers I was churning out over the weekend, have a cruise over to the Finished Objects Blog - have you any favorites?

1 comment:

Oiyi said...

Those soaps are gorgeous! And your flowers are lovely. Yes, I think it's a good idea to add finished goods.

Thank you for your encouraging words about the nightmare of closing on a home. This is my second time and it's even worse than the first time. Go figure!