Monday, November 20, 2006

Did you call me a Meathead?

Normally at this time of year, with the holidays fast approaching, and especially this year with my preparations for not just my own personal holiday gift knitting but also hopes for healthy holiday sales at a local craft fair or two as well as via my shop, I would not endeavor to add more to my knitting platter (which over floweth quite spectacularly)...

I had first heard about the great Meathead Along of 2006 I figured, oh, how I wish I could participate, but I just don't have the time!! Of course, my head immediately filled with ideas on how just to go about decorating my very own Meathead, as well the little voices that kept reminding me that I had the perfect yarn for such a project in the stash already...but I kept resisting.

Until I read about Trond - and his Knitting Project. The way it works is you join his Flickr group, post a well lit photo of your face, and if he is so inspired, he will knit you a Knitkid Original hat! All he asks in return (and all you knitters know how generous he is being when you read this) is postage and a photo. Check out the ones he's done already! Viewed in combination with the Original Set, you may well be compelled to knit a hat as I was!

Anyhow, as usual, more photos (including a photo of the hat on my head) are found on the Finished Objects Blog.

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