Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weekend Spinning

In addition to some coils, the weekend spinning involved some experimentation with the spinning wheel.

It involved small shiny things, chasing the cats, minor cussing and lots and lots of time. Likely a one of a kind yarn, at least with this size bead (seed, in case you are wondering) - look closely - you'll notice I am actually spinning the beads onto the singles.

Here's a closeup of the bobbin. Don't mind the white blob - that's a little bit of the leader yarn - I got tired of trying to wind onto the bobbin without using a leader (yes, it's possible, but it's also a pain).
Here is a closeup of the plied yarn before it headed off to its finishing bath. The skein is nearly dry and will make an appearance on the finished objects blog and the shop soon.

While I have proven to myself that it is indeed possible for me to spin beads directly onto the yarn, I find it a slow and painstaking process - it may be better if I used larger beads, and perhaps I'll give that a try in the future, leaving the seed beads and sequins to be plied on with an accompanying thread.

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eva said...

I LOVE your addition of beads on the singles. How very creative. I would never have thought to do it.